Moto Z2 Force: Is The Force With It? 1

The saga of the force continues in our palms. Last year Moto Z and Moto Z Force were released to further strengthen their lineup. We were expecting to be greeted by Moto Z2 first before Moto Z2 Force, instead we received and welcomed Moto Z2 Force into our folds. So will there be a Moto Z2? Who knows.

Moto Z2 Force brings back the shatterproof display and some interesting changes to its features such as slimmer and thinner body (with caveat), dual cameras, and new Moto Mod accessories. The new body size comes with a price; by having a thinner and slimmer body Lenovo had to opt for significantly smaller battery which equals to shorter battery life. Does this choice of aesthetics over function destroys it or does the force flows strong still within Moto Z2 Force?


Since it has Moto Mods, the overall design remains the same, but there are few obvious changes made to it. The rear glass from last year’s design is no more and is replaced with an all metal unibody made of 7,000-series aluminium to boost its toughness and durability. A hairline finish was put on the rear panel which doesn’t add any extra function to the device but it is aesthetically pleasing than the original.

The big change made to Moto Z2 Force is that it’s slimmer and thinner by one millimeter from the Moto Z Force, its predecessor. Lenovo gave the same treatment  to Z2 Play. This choice sacrificed the phone’s battery life, does Lenovo find this change worth it? Or is this merely their marketing strategy to increase  Moto Mods sales?

As expected, with the release of  Moto Z2 Force, Lenovo has thrown in some new Moto Mod accessories to augment the Force within; the new 360 degree camera extension and a gamepad with physical buttons to enhance mobile gaming experience for its users. These new Moto Mods should be compatible and fit with both old and new phones. You don’t need to throw out or sell off your old Moto Mods, they can still be use and compatible with Moto Z2 Force.

The Moto Z2 Force comes with 5.5 inch AMOLED display and has 2560 x 1440 resolution. The colours are vibrant and crisp, the deep dark colours has amazing contrast. The display works wonder for you if you often play games, browse the net or stream videos with your device. However, if you compared it HTC U11 Moto Z2 Force certainly look bleak and bland. The display has a few flaws; when viewed under direct sunlight or any bright outdoor locations, you may find it hard to look at the display. Next is, if you look at the display closely you’ll notice there is a slight yellow cast. It is hard to notice unless you put it next to another device. You can get rid off it by going to Setting and changing it to ‘Standard’ display. But you’ll be left with plain and drab looking display.With the thick bezel bordering and all, the display frame may not be as mesmerizing as other phones, but it has the Shattershield tech.

The Shattershield makes the device’s screen completely shatter proof, it can withstand strong impact upon falling, or any other sorts of unfortunate incidents. The downside is the screen is easily scratched, or dented even. There’s another disadvantage to this, and a big one. You can’t replace the screen, so you have to live with it, it’s like having a broken heart for the rest of your life.  Or to avoid this, you can buy and add a screen protector  before it crashes down onto a pavement or something. Oh, and remember, ONLY the screen is shatterproof, the device’s other components are not-so-shatterproof. So don’t go trigger happy throwing the phone here and there.

Moto Z2 Force is installed with 2017’s standard hard specs. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 as the driving force together with Adreno 540 GPU and 4GB RAM. The phone is great in handling day to day multi task with quick response and smooth scrolling. As for its long term run, that is remain to be seen, so far the device is running smoothly,

Water and dust resistant has become a trending trait among 2017’s flagship phones. But this is not the case with Moto Z2 Force, it doesn’t have an IP certification. This may give it a hard time in competing against other contenders. But it does have the Shattershield tech. Is it enough though?

Moto Z2 Force comes with single speaker, and it’s embedded in the earpiece. The quality of the single speaker is quite good and there is no sound distortion even at max volume. And yet again, it doesn’t have headphones jack. But you will be supplied with C-type USB to 3.5 mm jack (aka dongle) which included in the box.  Well, at least you still get to put on your favourite pair of earbuds or headphones.

Motorola has joined the dual cameras fray for flagship phones. The dual cameras on Moto Z2 Force boast 12-megapixel with PDAF and f/2.0 aperture. It has the standard RGB processor for the main sensor, while the secondary lens shoots monochrome and because of this Moto Z2 Force has a few new tricks (Sith Lord lightning flash, maybe?).  These combined cameras provide a better quality photo and the monochrome sensor truly capture true black and white photos.

The choice of reducing the battery’s life may have caused Lenovo three steps back rather three steps forward. People are looking for a phone with long-lasting battery life. Not everyone sits at home and fiddle with their phone connected to its charger all day long while, most travel to and fro meeting clients. A few neat tricks aren’t enough to cover for this huge drawback.


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